Welcome to the First-Class Infrastructure Company

We provide robust services to our esteemed private, corporate and public clients with utmost sense of competence, commitment and professionalism.
As it stands now, HeavensCON is a signature of success across Nigeria and elsewhere. This is evident in our rich clientele list despite our relatively short existence – over 80 successfully completed projects in the last decade. HeavensCON is a first-class construction and infrastructure company established  October 10, 2010 but registered and fully integrated as a turnkey contractor on the 21st of September, 2015. We are heavily involved in projects that continue to shape the built environment from construction of buildings to real estates to roads, power and everything infrastructure.

Our Vision & Objectives

Vision: To be ranked with the top 30 construction companies in Africa by the year 2030.

Objectives: We are keen on building an international reputation for producing valuable products and rendering brilliant services that meets currently acceptable standard.

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