FixPadi by Heavens (also called FixhousePadi) is a self-operated facility maintenace insurance program that involves a fixed monthly payment by a landlord to ensure the prompt preventive or corrective maintenace of their buildings/facilities from time to time. This program is covered by Insurance to ensure accountability, flexibility and sustainability of the project.
Subscribers can apply for free evaluation of their properties to determine what will be considered the most suitable package to opt for. Beneficiaries would enjoy prompt attention to all maintenance needs of their buildings (depending on the plan they opt for) and are guaranteed a safe and highly functional facility throughout the period of engagement. However this is not the same as a typical property insurance.

This concept is awaiting approval by the regulators and it’s open to earlybird investors.

FixPadi is the first ever building maintenance fintech concept with ownership patent by Osaz’ Enobakhare and Heavens Contractors Ltd.

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