EstatePadi by Heavens

EstatePadi is an initiative of Heavens Contractors Ltd launched in January, 2020 to provide a more robust and holistic yet inexpensive construction management services to estate developers across Nigeria on a short to medium term contract par project basis.
Under this scheme, a developer is required to pay only a certain amount of money yearly for the total management of construction works (holistic supervision) on their estate site depending on the size of the project. These works cover buildings and estate infrastructure. By this arrangement, the Contractor is not responsible for construction supplies and may or may not be responsible for labour supply depending on the scope.

Developers are taking advantage of the EstatePadi initiative to outsource the construction management aspect of their developments to us for it’s numerous benefits which includes;

– Single point of responsibility
(There is always someone on ground, so there is someone to take responsibility)
– Cost saving (Imagine paying 10m per year for a service that would have cost 25m within the same time frame. Now that’s the real deal!)
– Less internal staffing (You don’t have to worry about pay days and you have fewer ‘headaches’. Even multinationals take this route)
– Ability to remotely control your projects (With Heavens Contractors on ground, there is no stopping your travels. You can rely on us to deliver while you are away)
– Top-notch Supervision
(High quality, trusted and capable hands with about 5 successfully completed estates under our belt and vast knowledge of all aspect of estate development – construction of buildings, finishes, road & drainages, electrification, water works including structural engineering, ability to solve flooding issues, tunneled drainages, sub-earth electrification, decentralized and centralized industrial water works, managing large number of workmen and various categories of subcontractors efficiently without losing track or compromising standards as well as ensuring desired goals are achieved etc)
– Residency (Our Engineers are always on ground every workday as par rotation)
– Less likelihood of connivance with Suppliers and tradesmen to undermine your organization as is mostly the case with direct staffing. (Some developers haven’t survived such losses. Find out)
– Significant reduction of stress and workload such that developers can focus on other core management activities and marketing, etc while we do our job (particularly good for fresh developers and developers keen on rapid expansion)

Here are our list of subscribers in 2020.

  1.  Hill City Parks & Gardens, Simawa (Curves & Curvatures Ltd)
  2. Kingston Park, Arepo (Curves & Curvatures Ltd)
  3. Villa Park, Abuja (Beautiful Properties Ltd)
  4. HomeSweetHome Gardens, Lekki (HB Developers Ltd)

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