uildPadi by Heavens is a build now, pay later initiative targeted at private home owners. It is yet to be launched but in the meantime through this initiative we are providing 100 pre-launch free building designs to 100 new landlords as we celebrate our 10th year anniversary!

Offer last till October 10.
Terms and Conditions Apply

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Terms and Conditions
Heavens Contractors Ltd through its premium program -BuildPadi is giving out 10 Million Naira worth of free building designs to 100 people under the following terms and conditions;

1. Only applications of would-be landlords who show evidence of ownership of land to be developed and have obtained a correct survey plan would be accepted into this program.

2. Application is not restricted to only first time landlords. However our previous clients and first-timers would be given top priority.

3. Applicants would furnish us with their survey plan and clear and precise design briefs. Only a limited amount of alterations to design (maximum of twice) would be allowed before final submission.

4. All designs under this promo would not be sealed or stamped by our architects but will meet approval standards. Where building approval is sort by the beneficiary, a separate process for stamp and seal can be negotiated.

5. By building design, we only mean architectural designs with 3D. Other designs e.g. Structural Design, MEP Design, Virtual Reality, Site layout, Workshop drawings etc are not included in this promo.

6. Applicants who seek to engage us in obtaining other designs can request bill for them upon completion of their architectural design on a seperate deal.

7. This service is completely free and open to applicants from all walks of life across Nigeria with exclusion of lands in conflict regions.

8. Applicants should make themselves available for site inspection when required and should ensure safety of the visiting design personnel.

9. Applicants are to freely express their design interests without fear of favour. PS: Heavens Contractors would strictly adhere to the building codes and statutory design regulations in the state where a subject land is located.BuildPadi

10. Heavens Contractors reserve the right to accept or decline a request within this promo. However when a request is declined, because we care about you we will tell you the reason why we took that decision.

Thank you for choosing Heavens!

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